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Week ending 2.12.2022

St. Andrew's Day:

All the KS1 classes helped to put together a fabulous display about St. Andrew and Scotland. Our geography topic has been about the UK so we learnt about St Andrew and how was a fisherman, Edinburgh, the Scottish flag and why it is at a different angle to the St George's flag, kilts, bagpipes and thistles. However. I think the most interesting fact the children learnt was that Balamory is set in Tobermory in Scotland! We had to watch just a little bit......


Well, Emma-Jane in her aeroplane hit  a storm this week. We generated lots of fabulous vocabulary  to help us describe a storm. We listened to a storm and thought about what we could see, hear, taste and feel. We used our new words and especially the adjectives, to rewrite part of the story. Next week, we'll write a storm poem.


Year 2 have been challenged this week. We are adding 1 digit numbers to 2 digit numbers crossing a ten. Eg 26+ 7=

We have been using Base 10 manipulatives to help us. It is now that all our work on place value comes into play. 

Year 1 have been challenged with subtraction ( or as we now call it "Sub-Traction Man maths") as well as finding 8 fact families related to 1 part-whole model. Good work this week. Challenging, but everyone likes a challenge and everyone is supported to make progress.


We have been making our Christmas clay decorations this week. They look so good. Painting next week. No sneak previews I'm afraid!