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Breakfast Club and After School Care Club

As part of its commitment to serving the community, St Paul's School offers a Breakfast Club and After School Care Club.


The school breakfast club (Earlybirds) provides child care and a healthy breakfast for all school children. Our aim is to ensure that pupils get the best start to the day they can and therefore get full benefit from the school day.


The club is open from 7.30am every day the school is open (not on staff training days). At the start of the normal school day the staff of the club will ensure the pupils get to their classrooms ready to start the first lesson.


The After School Care Club is open from 3.10-3.20pm until 5.30pm Monday-Thursday for all school children in Reception upwards (not on staff training days). The club will provide snacks and activites e.g crafts, baking and painting.  Our aim is to ensure that pupils get a relaxed and happy ending to a school day.


The vast majority of the places in the clubs are reserved for pupils who have been booked in at the start of the term for designated sessions by parents. There are however a few limited places that may be available for emergency child care on a more adhoc basis depending on the numbers of pre-booked places on the day required.


Breakfast Club team :- Mrs Patel and Miss Reading

After School Care Club team :- Miss Reading , Miss Mancini and Miss Meade


To contact a member of staff from the After school Club:

07754 078775

(calls taken from 3.10pm - 5.30pm)

This number only applies for those children (parents) currently at the After School Club only. Please call this number if you think you may be late to collect you child (not the school office). NB a charge will be applied if lateness occurs, as previously advised.


From Tuesday 2nd May please be advised that a doorbell system is being introduced, to collect your child.

The bell is situated in the main entrance on the right hand side of the internal door.

Please press the bell (which is white) and a member of staff will come and let you in.




For further details about the club please contact the school office.


Also find below the Breakfast Club Policy and After School Care Club Policy.