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Week ending 3.03.23

For World Book Day, we read a book to our reading partner from a year 3/4 class. We had a drama workshop and had to walk around the hall similar to how our character would travel. We then posed as our characters and shared a fact about them. During the afternoon, we carried out Art for our whole class display. We used paint to create a field of patchwork quilts and painted flipchart paper blue for the river. This is inspired by a page in the book from the story, 'A River' by Marc Martin. Half the class were in the outdoor area making a river out of bricks and pretending to be fish. Whilst some children created patchwork quilts on the floor using coloured chalk. 

We looked at some pictures which showed icebergs and an Arctic setting. We used visualisation to draw our own pictures of the landscape using oil pastels.

We retold the story of Easter using the freeze frame drama technique, and discussed how Jesus might have felt at each moment.


Our new unit in History is 'Significant Explorers'. We asked questions about the pictures showing the historical artefacts. We then used our investigative skills to work out what the man’s occupation was. We labelled the sources and wrote sentences to describe what they may be used for. For example, snow goggles are used to prevent snow from getting into our eyes. Towards the end of the lesson, we found out the explorer is called Ernest Shackleton. Shackleton led 3 British expeditions to the Antarctic.  


We explored doubles by placing a numicon on a mirror. This was followed by drawing dots on the ladybirds and playing the doubles race. The following lesson, we found near doubles by using counters and tens frames. We were able to realise that to find near doubles we add or take away one.