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Week ending 30/9/2022


I hope you have been hearing about our learning about Florence Nightingale. The children have been so interested in her life and work. It was hard to believe that she has had such an influence on our lives today. A different type of "Superhero" indeed. The children have been introduced to the idea of "chronology". We've made lamps and ordered events in her life.


Continuing with "Traction man is here", we have focused on the sink scene. We have acted it out, thought about what the characters may have said and began our retell by creating story maps. Each day we ( I mean the children!) spot different things in the pictures. Very observant.


This half term, you may have noticed Mrs Mottram bringing the children out on a Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday afternoon is my planning afternoon in school and  Mr Barnes (PE), Mrs Chard (music) and Mrs Mottram (art) teach the children. Each half term, each KS1 class has 2 out of the 3. 

Mrs Mottram loves art and we are so thankful for all the effort she puts into each lesson. She has began to teach our unit on clay skills. Here are a selection of hearts made this week. These will come home next week. Fabulous.