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Week ending 21/10/2022

For our DT unit, we have been doing cooking. Previously we looked at where food comes from, what makes a healthy lunchbox and food safety & hygiene. This week we practiced our cutting and mixing skills to create a variety of healthy dips. We made thousand island dressing, raita and salsa. We then tasted all these dips (including houmous and guacamole). We discussed which ones we liked and did not like in preparation for our evaluation.


In Science, we have been looking at 'Everyday Materials'. We looked at the properties of different materials and what materials objects are made from. This week we carried out a science experiment to find a suitable material for Traction Man's diving suit. We carried out a fair test by making sure the materials were all the same size and we used the same amount of water each time. This was to test whether the material was waterproof or not.