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Week ending 20.1.2023


Thank you for all the baby photos. We loved looking at them and guessing who was who. We noticed some children had changed such a lot and others looked exactly the same ( which couldn't be said for their teacher, based on her baby photo... see below!).  Our main learning was deciding which animals give birth to live babies and which lay eggs.


Should the snail go with the whale or should she stay with her family? The children had to form their own opinion and give their reason why. They were introduced to their first "Conscience Alley", whereby the snail walks along the alley of children listening to everyone's opinion. The snail (Alfie) said he couldn't decide as he wanted to see the world but he didn't want to leave his family. Well, as we know, snail travelled. Her first destination was Antarctica. She will be writing her first diary entry to her mum and dad next week so we enjoyed finding out about Antarctica and thinking in the  role of the snail. What could she see? What could she hear? How did she feel? The children made lots of comments on our pictures.


We have finished our work on shape. This week we have been learning about vertices, faces and edges of 3D shapes whilst reminding ourselves of the name of 2D and 3D shapes. Good work all.