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Autumn 2

Remembrance Artwork by 3/4A


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This half term we have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Through drama, discussion, drawing and writing, we have explored the characters, setting and narrative of this fantastic book. We were learning how to write a newspaper report and chose to report on the finding of the final golden ticket by Charlie Bucket. 


As well as practising all the key skills we had learned so far, we also focused on multiplying and dividing. We learned how to count in 3s and 4s and how to use this knowledge to recall our times table facts and solve multiplication problems. We have also explored how division and multiplication are the inverse of each other.

Religious Education

What do different people believe about God? 


We are theologians: 


  • We look closely at sacred texts and think about how they are important for understanding what people believe and how they live. 
  • When we look at a text, we might understand it differently to other people depending on what we know and what we have experienced (our world views)
  • We ask questions about what we read and can discuss its meaning.
  • We think about who wrote sacred texts and why they were written.
  • We think about when the sacred texts might have been written.

This half term we have explored Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. We have asked and answered a range of questions based on our own beliefs and that of others. We have listened to each others views and, at times, respectfully challenged these to deepen our own understanding. 

We have been fortunate to have the Deacon of St Marks in Coventry join us and teach us one of our sessions. 


We have learnt about the similarities and differences about God across these religions which in turn provoked detailed discussion within our classroom. 


At the end of our lessons, we took time to be silent and reflect on our learning. Some of the children chose to share their reflections - they were calm and thought provoking moments within a busy week. 


States of Matter

In Science we used drama and discussion to describe the difference between solids, liquids and gases. We learned about melting, boiling and freezing points and carried out an experiment to determine the melting and freezing point of chocolate.


We carried out experiments using steam, water and ice and discussed changes between them as evaporation, condensation, melting and freezing. Using this knowledge, we then described the different stages of the water cycle.




Quentin Blake

To tie in with our work on Charlie and the Chocolate factory, we decided to look at the famous illustrator Quentin Blake. We discussed his use of line and imitated his drawing style to recreate our favourite characters. We learned how to colour our drawings in Quentin Blake's style using watercolours. We learned techniques to help us mix colours and create different tones. 


The Leamington tree festival took place during this half term and our class created Quentin Blake inspired tree decorations using the skills we had learned. The judges were so impressed by our creations that our tree received a highly commended award!


We also drew and painted Quentin Blake style Christmas cards for our families. 


Bean to Bar

This half term years 3 and 4 have used maps, atlases and globes to locate countries around the world.

Key questions:

  • Explain why these countries are able to grow cocoa trees?
  • What is it about the geography of these countries that allows cocoa beans to grow?  
  • How do you think people discovered chocolate from the cocoa bean?

We have researched how chocolate is made and saw examples of this when visiting Cadbury World.

A great game of ‘Not so Happy Families’ was played in groups. This highlighted how the money paid for a chocolate was not evenly distributed amongst all those that played a part in the process. Needless to say, the children were outraged and were extremely keen to learn about Fair Trade and how we can play an important part in this when purchasing food from the supermarket.

Protective Behaviours

On the school webpage, please go to 'Curriculum'

then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Protective Behaviours' link to learn more.