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Week Ending 21st May


This week we have been looking at taking away different amounts from 5. The children used a 5s frame and cubes to support them with this. They have also been practicing to write these as number sums. 


The children have also been exploring numbers beyond 10 - up to 20. They have been trying to find the missing numbers to practice their counting skills. 

A visit from the dentist!

Early years had a special visit from Dr Ahmed. She talked to the children about how they can keep their teeth healthy by brushing them twice a day for 2 minutes. The discussed about food and drink that is good for teeth and the food and drink that should be had in moderation. Dr Ahmed also showed us the equipment she uses for her job and even sang some teeth songs!


The children have also been taking part in teeth activities such as, cleaning and examining teeth and writing key facts about how to keep teeth healthy.