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Week 3

In maths this week the children have been learning about 3D shapes and worked collaboratively to make shapes using lolly sticks and play dough. 


In PSHE we have been learning about keeping healthy and knowing how much sugar is in products. The children were surprised by how much sugar was in yogurt. 


For science week our focus has been on conservation, in particular plastic in our environment. We have been inspired by the book Old Enough to Save the Planet. The children collected plastic from home and made their own models. We looked at all the different types of plastic and which can be recycled. The children then carried out a survey of single use plastic in lunch boxes. They found there was a lot of crisp packets, but many contain a recycling symbol. Many children had yoghurt pots or packets. The pots can be recycled but the packets can't be recycled. Charlie our school council representative showed the class how he and his sister use beeswax wrap instead of cling film in their lunch boxes. As a school we are working towards the Plastic Clever Schools award where we will try to reduce our use of single use plastic and increase recycling. We will start collecting the crisp packets that contain the recycling symbol as shown in the photograph below and recycle yogurt pots. The children made posters showing the impact of plastic in our environment and what we can do to help.