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Week 4

We have moved on from PLACE VALUE in Maths to work on ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION.  We began by recalling mental strategies to help us, rounding up and adjusting, known facts and partitioning, before looking at the written column method.  Everyone enjoys consolidating their learning with an active maths session!

We are continuing our English sessions looking at the narrative poem Night of the Gargoyles by Eve Bunting.  This week we have been planning our own pieces.  On Friday, we collectively wrote a poem - verbalising the drafting and redrafting process, making careful and considered vocabulary choices, following the pattern of the original poem.  I am so proud to share the results below - Year 5B set blew me away !

And following an afternoon of collaboration - here are our SOLAR SYSTEM models ....

In RE, we are exploring the question What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?  We began by considering life's journey and it's ups and downs !  In groups we considered what 5 important things helped to support us from day to day and then we learned about the five pillars of Islam and how these help Muslims to lead their lives.