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Week ending 23.6.2023

Science Week:

We have a whole school science week on making our school a "Plastic Clever School". To day we learnt about the different types of plastic and how some can be recycled and some can not.

We watched a short video from David Attenborough who reminded us that although we are doing a lot to remove plastic form our seas and rivers, more could be done.

We created our very own " Monsters of the Ocean" using used plastics. Not many of them have sad faces as they are caught up in plastic.

More Science Week:

Continuing our learning about plastic, the children learnt how it is made starting from oil. We enjoyed drawing the journey of a plastic bottle from oil to home. We talked about how oil is made and how it gets out of the ground. (Oil rig information and videos were fabulous side discussions) and then what happens when a plastic bottle reaches our home. Do we a) recycle it or b) reuse it or c) throw it away to landfill with the chance it could end up in the sea. The choice is yours. Thank you Freddie for sharing a photo of yourself with your homemade bird feeder ( not sure about the football top though).

Finally, we thought about the good things about plastic and how it improves our lives and the bad things about plastic.

We've loved dipping into this book all week. Inspiring career ideas....

And even more science- plants:

Following with our unit on plants, we talked about pollen and looked at some amazing photos of pollen. We began to recreate our own individual pollen using clay. We will paint next week.

English- The Whisperer:

What should Monty and Amber do? Today we were newspaper reporters interviewing Monty and Amber. We found out how they met and asked them what they might do? The children wrote questions and interviewed Amber and Monty in their "hot seats". Imogen and Izzy, you were great! We had journalists from all over the world ready to ask searching questions of the pair. Spot the improvised hand held mic!