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Spring 2


In English this half term, the children wrote their own Kennings - an ancient style of verse used by the Vikings. They also studied the Viking myth of Beowulf. 

To write a Kenning: 

To write an emotive letter:

To create a mythical creature: 


In maths, the children focused on measuring length in m, cm and mm. They learned how to convert measurements and solve problems that involve applying their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. Finally, they learnt how to measure the perimeter of different shapes.


The children learnt about the life of Guru Nanak and why he is an important person to Sikh’s. 

They developed an understanding of the holy book in Sikhism the Guru Granth Sahib.  

Children were asked to write or draw something that is important to them. 

We then learnt about the 5 k’s of Sikhism and what they symbolise.

Finally, we watched a video about the place of worship for Sikhs, Gurdwara. 

We are now looking forward to our visit to the Leamington Gurdwara. 



In art, the class developed their skills in drawing using pencil and charcoal. They produced wonderful pencil drawings of different objects e.g shells, paperclips, plants, lego pieces where they had to select different grades of pencil and consider line, texture and shading. They then repeated these drawings on a very large scale using charcoal. The final results were fantastic!


The class explored the fascinated era of the Vikings this half term. They learned how the Vikings used the runatic alphabet and practised using them to write their own name. They made their own Viking ship, learned about everyday life in Viking times and how they invaded and settled.