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Week 1

Welcome back to Spring 2!


The start of our first week has been so much fun so far and the children have come back enthusiastic and ready to learn. 


In Maths, we have been learning how to measure length in cm.


In English this week we have been basing our writing around the book The Emperor's New Egg. It is set in the Antarctic so we have been exploring this setting through video and photography and responding to this through painting and writing. The children have been learning how to use expanded noun phrases and similes to help their setting descriptions come to life.


This ties in nicely with our History topic of Significant Explorers. We have looked at Ernest Shackleton this week and thought carefully about what we would take with us on an expedition. The children were fantastic at asking questions about the sources we looked at in order to help them piece together what happened to Shackleton on his journey to the South Pole.





PE-OAA- Outdoor and Adventurous:

This PE unit aims to develop teamwork and map reading. Today we looked at a simple map of shapes and in pairs, we tested each other's map reading skills by placing a bean bag in different positions for our partner to locate using the map. To start with, we worked in groups to form a capital letter. It was interesting to see who could lead a group and who worked by themselves. Some groups had too many leaders; some had too many individual workers. 

We will also work at map reading further in the Summer as part of our geography work and will use some of the orienteering resources around the school.