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Week 2

We are right back in the swing of the things and it has been a busy week with some superb work from the children. It has been nice to see a little more of the sun and not have to face the dreaded 'wet play'. Long may this continue. 


In shared reading this week our focus has been Greta Thunberg. We have read a short biographical extract all about the climate changing maestro and then considered what features of the text made it a biography. The children then answered questions about her using evidence from the text. Finally we discussed our own opinions on climate change and the work that Greta and others have been doing. In English we have continued to read The Executioner's Daughter and have been learning more about the Tower of London. The children have looked at various texts and made notes about the history of the Tower and the different things that have happened there. The children then turned their notes into fact files written from the perspective of a yeoman of the Tower. In maths we have been revisiting specific types of numbers such as prime, composite and square numbers and then also looking at factors and multiples. It was good to see what the children remembered and how they used that knowledge when working on more reasoning based questions. In art we have continued to look at the work of Alexander Calder and looked back at Sandy's Circus. The children collated their notes from the previous lesson and then made a fact file all about Alexander Calder (we have definitely mastered the art of fact files this week). In science this week we have been looking at parts of a flower. The children went for a walk around the field and looked to find some different types of plants and flowers to put what they had learnt into practice. In history we looked at the beginning of the Tudors and how Henry VII came into power. The children then put together a timeline based on key events from the Tudor era. In RE we started our new topic People of God. We read Exodus and then out the story of Moses into eight key parts and created a story board. Finally in PE we continued gymnastics looking at different types of positions and how to transition between them. 


A quick message with regards to remote learning. I have shown the children where to go should they be at home waiting for a PCR test or if they are having to self-isolate, just in case there is a slight memory slip the link is below. There is work for various subjects as well as links for Spelling Shed, Mathletics and Times Table Rockstars. 


Speaking of rockstars. This week's song is by a band that for me is one of the best there has ever been. If only Liam and Noel could patch up their differences! The song is Little by Little and is an absolute stormer of a song. 




Mr H


Oasis - Little By Little