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Week ending 29.4.2022

Welcome to Miss van Hasselt:

We are lucky to have Miss van Hasselt with us for most of the Summer term. She is studying for her PGCE in Primary Teacher Training from Warwick University and is completing her final teacher training placement with us. We all are looking forward to working with her over the next weeks.


Our new history topic is "Travel and Transport" whereby we will be focusing on chronology and timelines. It's a new subject for us and allows us to explore changes over time as opposed to look at specific events. This week the children has a lot to share about the transport they have been on. Did you know sedan chairs were around over 2000BC?


Lots of addition this week. Adding 2 digit numbers and solving word problems. As always, we aim to give the children different ways to answer questions. Base 10 equipment is so helpful to all the children in visualising and representing the tens and ones in 2 digit numbers.


We are exploring traditional tales this half term, focusing on Jack and the Beanstalk. We will explore how many tales have similar features and aim for the children to be so familiar with the story and its language, that they can independently write a recount in the the first instance. To start with, they had only a picture. What could the story be about? Many guessed it was Jack and the Beanstalk because the phrase "Once upon a time" is in fairy tales. However, the picture showed no real clues so I wanted the children to expand their ideas by giving them the structure of

a) One day

b) Suddenly

c) Luckily

d) Finally

to tell a short story.