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Week 5

4C really enjoyed our school Numbers Day today in support of the NSPCC. Many thanks to those of you who sent in donations for the charity. We discussed how we use maths in so many areas of life on a daily basis and how it is also used in lots of professions. The children then had a morning of active maths activities including:

  • A times table treasure hunt.
  • Estimating various amounts around the school such as the length of the playground, the number of chairs in the juniors and the number of bricks in a wall. They used their maths knowledge to estimate a smaller amount and then multiplied it to make a sensible guess of the larger estimates. 
  • Fractions pizzas.
  • Money snap. 
  • Finding the number of factors for particular numbers.
  • Using mental calculation to work out if some addition sentence totals were true or false.

The children loved these activities  - despite them all being maths! Some selected pictures of the morning are shown below.


Our Values Certificate winner this week is Ruben who has given some fantastic well reasoned explanations using mathematical language in Maths this week. Well done Ruben!