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W/E 19.11.21

Odd Socks Day


On Monday 15th November lots of us wore odd socks to school! We all watched an odd socks video about anti-bullying. Later in the day we made a kindness chain; we stood in a circle and we said something kind to the person on our left hand side. Then we worked together to make a poster. We thought of kind words and phrases and added these to the poster. We have displayed the poster in our classroom to remind us to be kind to each other.

In ENGLISH we continued our work on Lila and the Secret of Rain. We started the week by looking at thought bubbles and speech bubbles. We then moved onto using speech marks within our written work. Towards the end of the week we worked in small groups to perform the story. We took on different roles; the narrator, Lila, her mama, her grandfather, the old man. 

In MATHS we continued with addition and subtraction . We have moved on to adding 2 two digit number together. Lots of us decided to use base ten to help us. We found calculations such as 56 + 12 = ? straightforward as there are less than 10 ones when we add 6 and 2. Calculations such as 56 + 37 = ? were much harder as we ended up with more than 10 ones. We had to remember to exchange ten of the ones for a tens stick.

We started our new RE topic on Sacred Places last week. We looked at various artefacts and sorted them into three groups to show where each object would be found. We used our existing knowledge on Christianity and Islam to help us.

This week we focused on Christian places of worship. We looked at some photos from different churches and talked about the things we might see inside a church. On Wednesday we visited St Paul's Church. Katy, the Children's Minister talked to us about the church. We had to look carefully to spot different special items. We were able to ask Katy lots of questions about the church.