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Week ending 26.11.2021

No Pens Day:

Wednesday was No Pens Day, an annual national initiative to encourage learning through speaking and listening ( note- we started at 9.30 after handwriting and phonics!) In English, we became reporters. The news of how Lila made it rain has now reached St Paul's and so CBBC St Paul's reporters decided to interview Lila. We talked about the type of questions reporters could ask in order to help Lila to explain her story.

The children loved taking it turns to be the reporters with their "glue-stick microphones" and enjoyed showing their interviews to the class. They loved even more, using their glue stick as TV remotes to switch me off, when the reporters finished their interview and returned back to me " at the studio". 



Continuing our work on colour mixing, this week we learnt about Paul Klee. Using his painting called " Separation in the Evening", we experimented in mixing tints of red and blue.



On Monday, we completed our retelling of the story " Lila and the Secret of Rain". I was so pleased how the children used the story map to help them to orally say the sentences they wanted to write. This enabled more independence in their writing, especially as they are building up their knowledge of grapheme-phoneme correspondences, which gave them confidence to attempt to spell new words.


Lots of practical maths this week for both Year groups.

Year 2 have been using Base 10 manipulatives to support adding and subtracting 10s as well as adding 2 digits and 1 digit (crossing 10)

Year 1 have been " finding the difference", a tricky concept we use in subtraction.