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Week 3

This week has flown by and it feels like we are now fully in the flow of life in 5/6B. The children have continued their hardworking and cheerful attitude to their work and seeing the books begin to fill up with work has been lovely! We also have been listening to various members of the class present their ideas for the school council in the hope of being elected as our class school councillor. I was blown away by how confident the children were and also by the ideas they had and how they would raise money to see them happen. We definitely have some leaders of the future in 5/6B!


This week we have started our book which we will now be studying for the majority of the Autumn term, Street Child. We made predictions as to what we thought the book would be about based on the title, front cover and the prologue. We then read the first few chapters and were introduced to a range of characters and settings. We then started to learn about the Victorian workhouses. It would be fair to say that none of us would have liked to have lived in one. In shared reading we have been watching the short film, The Lighthouse. The children have been considering a characters feelings and then sequencing the events in the film. In maths the children have moved into their different groups. We have been working on the four operations this week and it has been good to see how confident the children are with the appropriate methods (and also how neatly their work is presented). In geography we continued our study of trade and economics by looking at what and to whom the UK imports and exports. The children were then tasked with creating an advert for a UK manufacturer highlighting the positives of the product they make. In science we looked at how light travels and then conducted an experiment to prove the theory. In RE we have been studying the idea of cosmology and evolution and how they can link to the Christian idea of creation. Finally in PE we have continued our playground athletics theme (this time on the actual playground) with the children doing the standing long jump and the javelin. My prediction for some future Olympians remains. 


This weeks song is Queen, Radio Gaga. Chosen by my 3-year-old son who has become quite the fan of his namesake, Freddie Mercury. A great song for a Friday morning. 


Finally, this week we interviewed for a class teacher that will be teaching 5/6B on Thursday's and Friday afternoons. I am delighted to announce that Mrs McacRae will be starting next Friday. Myself, Mr Bown and most importantly the children were blown away by Mrs MacRae and think that she will be a fantastic fit for the class and St Paul's. 




Mr H

Queen - Radio Ga Ga