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W/E 15/10/21

In MATHS this week we have recalled our number bonds to 10 and looked at fact families.  We have tested our fluency in recalling these facts on a daily basis, trying to beat our previous day's score.  We have also begun to check calculations using the inverse operation.

In ENGLISH this week, we have been focussing on non-fiction.  First, we sorted books into fiction, non-fiction and reference texts and discussed features of each.  Next, we thought about all the places we could collect information from; the internet, non-fiction texts, an encyclopedia, TV documentaries, broadcasts and asking experts.  Then we made notes all about Autumn by gathering facts from two short information clips and what we could remember from our SCIENCE lessons about seasonal changes.  

Thinking about SCIENCE, the children amazed me this week with their scientific investigation discussions whilst we discussed setting up our own weather station.  They enjoyed questioning themselves and their decisions and finally decided how they wanted to set up a way of measuring rainfall and checking the temperature.  In the end, they chose a round bottle and a square bottle with a funnel top and a measuring cylinder to collect rain and placed the thermometers in the shade to make sure it was the air temperature not the sun's heat they were recording.  We have asked our Science Leader to see if we can have a permanent weather station in Key Stage One as we really enjoyed the lesson.  We even took on the challenge of seeing how many other words we could create using the letters from PRECIPTIATION.

It was a lovely day to enjoy our PE lesson outside...

We ended our week with some fabulous charcoal art works ....