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Week 4 w/e 28.01.22

As well as our brilliant challenges in gymnastics on a Friday, we are also learning FOOTBALL SKILLS during Monday's PE lessons.  So far we have developed our dribbling, passing and defending skills and are looking forward to developing individual ball control and co-ordination and how to turn with a ball next week.  Each lesson we follow the same pattern; a warm up, acquire and develop skills, select and apply skills and lastly, a cool down.


I have been so impressed with the engagement and skill level of the whole class and I am very lucky to have some excellent football players who help me to demonstrate the range of skills - well done to them for being great role models ! yessmiley  

This week we have completed our fiction unit in English by publishing our very own We're Going On A Bear Hunt books ...

Take a look at our stories...

Through my school work and professional development with One World Link, I have recently been awarded a British Council Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning certificate.  Much of our work revolves around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 2C have had the opportunity to learn lots more about these via an award winning digital platform called LYFTA.


Lyfta invites students to experience different cultures and perspectives. It gives them the opportunity to see and connect with positive human stories from around the world - modelling resilience, problem-solving, teamwork, and many other critical skills, values and competencies helping teachers nurture the global citizens of tomorrow.


So far the children have enjoyed the following LYFTA story worlds, all of which are linked to the SDGs and our own school values:


1.  Rob in Cornwall - an artist that creates his pieces from plastic pollution he collects from his local beach

2.  Michael in Helsinki - who evolved from being an ice hockey player to a ballet dancer

3.  Enaney in Ethiopia - her village rejected food aid and set up their own weaving business to earn a living to buy food

4.  Anni in Finland - a teenage girl whose weight lifting hobby sees her competing all over the country

5.  Erkan in Turkey - a man who spend his free time feeding and taking care of all the stray cats and dogs

6.  Flora in Amazonian Peru - who grows her own food to feed her family and community

7.  Guiseppe and Joleen in America - who run the last remaining fishing trawler from the port of San Francisco


Ask your child which story world has been their favourite - some of them certainly caused a stir !