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Week ending 7.1.2022

A warm welcome back to everyone.

The children took part in a Virtual Infant Agility Competition on Friday. Schools from the whole of Warwickshire, Solihull and Coventry will take part. Activities include sprinting, accurate throwing, chest passing, standing long jump and speed bounce.

A few children still need to complete one activity and then I'll send the results into Central Warwickshire School Sports Partnership ( CWSSP) by half term. Hopefully, results will be in announced during March 2022.


All children have been using Base 10 equipment to represent numbers to 100. Lots of practical work with the aim that children understand what each digit  in a 2 digit number represents, which will then help then to write their 2 digit numbers in the correct order. I'll put pictures of the equipment up next week for your information. We often call the 10s sticks and the 1s stones. The sticks are the on left of a number and the stones, on the right!