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Week ending 20.5.2022

"Bring your mother to school" day!

How lucky am I! My mum happily spoke to all the children today about what she remembers about the Queen's Coronation 70 years ago. She was 22 in 1952 and so the children could work out she is 92 years young. 

Although we are celebrating 70 years since our Queen came to the throne, mum talked about how she and her friends celebrated her coronation 16 months later.

Did you know the coronation was on a Tuesday and that it rained most of the day?

Mum her her friends celebrated with an evening party at her tennis and cricket club (obviously), dancing to Harry James, Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters and playing party games. She spent the afternoon making trifles and sandwiches for everyone.

Mum talked about how things are different today. There were no motorways, Macdonalds and not everyone had a TV, and if they did, it was very small. This was all a bit shocking to many. She was asked if she had met the Queen. She hasn't yet (there's still time) but she did go to a Sea Ranger event in 1946 when she was Princess Elizabeth.

My mum sends a big thank you to everyone. She truly had a fantastic afternoon talking, talking and talking and as well as  dancing with EYFS!

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Miss van Hasselt finished teaching fractions today with a practical lesson, which if it hadn't rained would have been outside. It was a fantastic way to consolidate some great learning (and teaching). We're looking forward to her next unit teaching time.


Miss van Hasselt enjoyed teaching the children about bulbs this week. Thank you to Mrs Bush in helping with the bulb planting of red onions and gladioli.