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Week 3

It has been another action packed week in 5/6B as we have returned to the 21st century. I think the children have missed aspects of the Victorian era but probably not having to stand every time an adult enters the room. I certainly haven't missed being referred to as 'sir' as it made me feel far too old. 


This week the children have been doing a range of assessments. We have made it very clear to the children that all we expect is for them to try their best and I have been so proud of them as they have completely done that. Seeing the children tackle the challenge with such positivity and good spirits has been great to see. In English this week the children wrote their diary entries based on Street Child. It was really nice to see the children get into the character of Jim Jarvis and show their understanding not only of diary entries but also the emotions Jim would have been experiencing (the book has been a winner with the children). In shared reading the children have been writing book reviews based on their favourite books, it has been so lovely to hear the children read their chosen books and also to read with them (including an impromptu reading after swimming on Thursday of Marmaduke Duck & The Marmalade Jam). In maths the children began to look at the 12 hour and 24 hour clock, cementing some known facts and learning some more. In history we looked at the British Empire in the time of Queen Victoria with the children looking at the size of the empire and the impact it had on those who lived in it. In RSE in line with this week being anti-bullying week we looked at the impact that bullying can have and ways in which children can deal with bullying and support their peers in going through it. In ICT we looked at internet safety online and in particular social media and how ti interact with our friends online. Science saw the children look at the properties of different materials and how certain materials are chosen for certain tasks. PE saw the children continue to learn orienteering skills and I am growing more confident in their ability to use a map and follow directions (we could be ready to tackle Newbold Comyn soon). 


This weeks song choice is by Hanson. Many of you would be forgiven for considering them to be a one hit wonder with the nineties classic MMMbop. You would be wrong as they have released some absolute bangers over the years including this song, Penny & Me. Enjoy.




Mr H

Penny & Me