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Week ending 14.1.2022


This week we started work on our new book, " We're going on a Lion Hunt". The children have made predictions from illustrations and sequenced the story in pictures and words. They have been introduced to the terms "adjective" and " noun" and have written noun phrases to describe illustrations.


Lots of work this week focusing on 2 digit numbers. We have been representing using Base 10 manipulatives, comparing and ordering. The children are becoming more familiar with written reasoning and problem solving questions. These questions need thinking time to decide what is being asked and how to approach the problem. Year 2 also worked on partitioning 2 digit numbers in different ways.


Our topic this half term is "Going on Safari" and we are learning about Kenya, which were introduced to last term with our book " Lila and the Secret of Rain". This half term we will be learning about the differences and similarities between our countries. This week we learnt that Kenya is a country and Africa is a continent as well as some of the names of features in Kenya. We labelled maps. Not an easy task but with daily question reminders, I think the names are beginning to stick!


To complement our Africa work, our topic is " Animals including humans". This week we learnt the names of different animal groupings: mammal, bird, fish, reptile and amphibian. As we walked around our school grounds (including our first look at the pond near LKS2), we looked and thought of animals from each groups we may find at school.