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Week ending 25.3.2022


Whilst Year 1 have been at Forest School, Year 2 have been enjoying computing. We started our unit by finding a picture online then copying it and pasting it to a word document. Well done everyone; not a straight forward task for KS1.

We have now started programming using "Scratch". I believe it is also an app for tablets, but we have been using the following link:

We go to "create" then choose a sprite to programme it to move and talk. Last week we were  creatures on the moon. We had many spinning and noisy aliens as well as moving stars. I still couldn't programme my rocket to launch straight up. I need to explore more. This is excellent tool to encourage early programming. It is lovely to see everyone helping each other and showing each other how to do things....including me.



We began the week remembering our trip to All Things Wild. Miss Reading was unable to attend so we planned and wrote a letter to her. She'll be back next week and we hope she'll enjoy reading them and hearing about the trip.

We finished the week reading " Vlad and the Great Fire of London". We thought specifically about Thomas Farriner and his wife. What could they have said to each other? Is he worried he may get blamed for the fire? Does he think he may end up in the Tower? Next week, we are writing Thomas' story.


This week we have been learning about sides, vertices and lines of symmetry. We explored vertical lines of symmetry then tried to find how many lines of symmetry different regular 2D shapes had. We cut out shapes and folded them to find all the lines of symmetry. A tricky task but engaging investigation.