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Week ending 8.4.2022

Easter Bonnets:

The children looked fabulous walking to church in their Easter bonnets with my most used phrase as we walked being "Hold onto your hats!"

It was a bit breezy. Many thanks for your support.

Back at school, we paraded in the studio with Mrs Newell choosing Jack's bonnet as the class winner. He happily received an Easter egg. My class judging panel, who were completely unbiased as they didn't have a bonnet, choose their favourites. These children received a " bonnet full of house points".


Today in PE, we used our new school orienteering maps and challenges to great success.

The children had to use the key to understand the maps then go to a station (red circle) and follow the PE activity.

They all loved it!   The resources are below to give you a taste of the maps and control points. We started on the 5 control point challenge then moved up to the 10 point challenge. As the children move through KS2, the different stations can be used for English, maths and curriculum learning. It all keeps our learning active.