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Week 3

We have got to the end of what has been a pretty busy and intense week. The year 6 children have been absolutely amazing during SATs week and we are all so proud of them. The year 5 children have also this week been doing tests and like their year 6 peers they have also been brilliant. A true credit to the school!


With the main focus of the week being on tests the children have been running to a slightly different timetable. In English we took the opportunity to start reading our new book, The Umbrella Mouse. The children got to learn a little more about the characters and have begun to see if their predictions are true. In maths we used the stop-start week to revise some concepts that we have already covered. In geography the children looked at features of a coastline. Mr Hawkins, who planned the lesson, was taken back to his A-Level geography field trip to Slapton Sands back in 2003. The children got o annotate maps and also look at photos of parts of the UK coastline, aiming to spot the features they were learning about. In science we continued to look at reproduction in mammals. The children also got to do some athletics in PE where it was great to see their competitive spirits come out. In art the children were creating collages using materials from newspapers and magazines (thank you for the donations). 


A reminder that swimming is back on this week and children should meet Mrs Crow at Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre, or if they wish to walk from school arrive at the school reception no later than 08:40. 


This weeks song is an oldie but a goodie. Turn by Travis. The 4th single from their album The Man Who which was released in 1999 if you want to feel old. 




The 5/6B Team

Travis - Turn