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Week 5

This week we have been doing guided reading which has given Mrs Wiltshire and myself a chance to hear all of the children read and discuss texts. Whilst groups have been reading other children have been working on their reading comprehension skills, looking at a variety of grammar and punctuation questions and also having time to read their own books. In English we have really got stuck into The Executioner's Daughter and the children are loving it. We are aiming to take events from the book and turn them into a narrative poem. To support this we also have been reading The Highwayman which is a fantastic narrative poem with lots of ideas that we can use. In maths the children have been looking at decimal numbers. The children have been identifying, ordering, adding and subtracting a range of decimal numbers. The children also then looked at sequences which involved decimal numbers. In art the children began to sketch their ideas for their sculptures inspired by Alexander Calder. In science we looked at the life cycle of a range of mammals and how this can vary between different species. History saw us begin to look at the Stuarts and how they were linked by marriage to the the Tudors. It was good to see the children develop their historical enquiry skills and begin to see the role Mary Queen of Scots played in the Tudor era. RSE saw us discuss the really important topic of mental health. As a class we talked about what mental health is and what we can do to support our own mental health. It was good to see how mature and sensible the children were when discussing their own views and listening to others. In PE the children have begun to put together the skills they have been learning over the last few weeks to put together their own routine. Finally. on Friday we celebrated Number Day in support of the NSPCC. This day aims to promote a love of numbers with the children coming to school wearing clothes with numbers on and spending the morning taking part in different maths activities involving, you guessed it, numbers. It was a great morning for a brilliant cause.