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Week 3

It has been another wonderful week in 5/6B and it has been so lovely to enjoy so many different things with the children. From English and maths, through to dramatic performances in history to whole key stage rounders it has been an action packed week. 


In English and shared reading this week we have been studying Anne Franks diary. This has also linked in nicely with our work on WW2 in history (more on this later). The children have been looking at different extracts from Anne's diary and also learning about her life. We have all taken real inspiration from Anne's incredible positivity in the face of all the challenges she had to face. The children will use what they have learnt from her diary entries to write their own diary entries next week. In maths the children have been revisiting fractions. We have looked at equivalent fractions, fractions of amounts, adding and subtracting a range of fractions and also mixed numbers and improper fractions. It was good to see how much the children remembered and also them putting their knowledge into new areas of the curriculum. In science the children looked at how living things have changed over time and how fossils can provide clues about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago. In history Mr Hawkins tried to help the children understand how evacuees may have felt in 1939 and the children looked at some primary sources to further develop their understanding of Operation Pied Piper and the evacuation of millions of children in 1939. On Friday afternoon the UKS2 teachers took the children out onto the field for an impromptu rounders contest. There was some amazing batting, bowling and fielding and above all enjoyment. 


This weeks song choice was chosen by Mr Hawkins after watching their set at Glastonbury and is Crowded House with Don't Dream It's Over. If you get a chance watch the set to see the grandson of former frontman Neil Finn absolutely steal the show. 




The 5/6B Team 

Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over