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Week 4

It has been a fantastic week in 5/6B with so much happening. Add into that the glorious weather and the children being allowed on the field and it has led to some happy faces from all. 


In English this week we have begun work based on our new book, The Water Tower. This fantastic mystery book has really grabbed at the children's imagination and they have already produced some fantastic work. It has also been so good to see the enthusiasm of the children and willingness to share their ideas. In maths the children have been continuing to look at fractions and also decimals. The children compared and converted fractions and decimals and looked to understand the 1000th. As always the children took on the challenge admirably! In DT Mrs Crow (ably assisted by Mrs Curran) guided the children through their first practical lesson where they were making and baking breakfast muffins. The end products were fantastic and the children (and staff) loved it. In geography the children continued their local study looking at jobs in Tudor and modern day Stratford-upon-Avon before creating job adverts for jobs that were of interest to them. In RSE the children have been examining the idea of diversity via the medium of The Smeds and The Smoos by Julia Donaldson. In PE the children performed their final street dances and they were fantastic! Synchronisation, attitude, movement, it was all there and amazing to see. 


On Wednesday and Thursday Mr Hawkins and Mrs Crow thoroughly enjoyed speaking with so many of the parents. It was a really positive couple of evenings and so good to be able to sing the children's praises. 


The song choice for this week is by Mr Hawkins' favourite band, The Gaslight Anthem. For those interested they are about to announce a comeback to celebrate the ten year anniversary of their album Handwritten. The song is the namesake of that album and is a belter. 




The 5/6B Team. 

The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten

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