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Week 2

Hello! We have hit week 2 of the summer term and the children have continued there hard work! Apologies for the lack of photos from week 1 (my fault, we will endeavour to make sure photos are up soon). 


In class this week the children have been working really hard and showing real enthusiasm for their learning. In English the children began to put together some theories about what is going on in Preston. The children really enjoyed looking more closely at the book and hot seating some of the characters we have met. In maths the children have continued their work on shape. We have been calculating angles on straight lines and around a point as well as looking at both 2D and 3D shapes. In history the children learnt more about the beginnings of WW2, this time looking at the often misunderstood historical figure Neville Chamberlain and the man to replace him, Winston Churchill. The children got to watch a clip from Munich: Edge of War which shows how Chamberlain actually bought Britain time to prepare for war, (well worth a watch if you have Netflix). In DT the year 5 children began their project where they will be designing and making a game which uses an electrical circuit! 


This weeks tune is Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard. The children were impressed that there is a band which has a violinist!




Mr H

Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue