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There are four houses at St Paul's, named for each of the patron saints of the countries of the UK –

St George, St David, St Andrew and St Patrick.

In 2021/22 there will be regular inter-house competitions, with each house able to earn a trophy for

their cabinet. The aim is to collect as many house trophies as possible during the school year.



The winning house for 2020/21, with the most trophies was St Andrew!


Congratulations to ALL our pupils in EVERY house for all your hard work, commitment and perseverance

in what was a very strange year for house competitions.


Our House Trophy Cabinets

Weekly House Points Trophy


We use our house points award system to recognise pupils’ engagement, contribution, effort and achievement.

The house with the most house points at the end of each week is awarded a trophy.


This past week, children in St Patrick earned the most house points.

 Well done St Patrick! Here are the totals for the week:


St Andrew   1,475 points

St Patrick    1,611 points

St George   1,475 points

St David    1,357 points 

Sports Morning 2021

In the last few weeks of the summer term, we were incredibly lucky to have been able to hold our annual inter-house sports mornings. 

Thank you to all the children who observed social distancing, kept washing their hands and stuck to all the Covid guidance.

It was this effort that allowed children and staff to have a safe, fun and highly competitive set of sports mornings!

Thank you to Mrs Newbold and Mr Boucher for their superb organisational and logistics skills!


The overall winner, and collecting five trophies for their house was ST ANDREW

Runner up, and collecting three trophies was ST PATRICK

Third place, with two trophies was ST GEORGE

Fourth place, and collecting a hard won trophy was ST DAVID


Well done everyone! Photos to follow shortly so keep tuning in!


Inter-house Cross Country Competition Spring 2021


Well done to everyone who took part in the inter-house cross country championship.

Individual phase winners, who each get a trophy, are -

EYFS   St David

KS1   St George

LKS2   St Patrick

UKS2   St Andrew

And the overall winner, with a second trophy, is ST GEORGE!