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Week 2 w/e 11.03.22

In MATHS, we have now completed a short unit of work on STATISTICS where we made, drew and interpreted tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams.  Towards the end of this week we have been recapping addition - adding 3 single digits, adding 10s and adding two 2 digit numbers and subtraction - subtracting ones from a 2-digit number, subtracting 10s and subtracting two 2 digit numbers.   

In ENGLISH, we have planned and written a diary entry (recount) in role as Toby - the main character from our text Toby and The Great Fire of London.  Next week we shall be moving on to researching and producing a leaflet about how the Great Fire of London changed the way we fight fires.

Our beautiful KS1 St David's Day Display...

In our DT work, we have begun by investigating a number of different types of puppet.  The children drew and labelled their favourite and then described how it moved.  This week we have started to practise our sewing skills in preparation to eventually make our own puppet.