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Week ending 11.3.2022


We are enjoying reading our book " Toby and the Great Fire of London" which is based on the true events. We met four characters- Toby, the master, Samuel Pepys and King Charles II. In groups of 4, the children acted the main parts of the story. Lots of running about putting out flames; lots of very bossy masters! Finally, we have began writing our diary as Toby. To make the dairy more personal, we thought about how Toby may have felt  during the different events.


Dividing and counting in 10 was our main focus this week. Year 2s also looked at writing four number sentences based on three numbers. They did a good job. Finally, we all loved answering multiplication word problems by not only writing the correct number sentence, but by also drawing out the problem. Drawing and maths - many of the class were doubly delighted! Seriously, drawing out the problem helped the children understand how to answer the question.


Comparing life in 17th Century Britain to our life in the 21st Century was our objective this week. We compared houses and clothes but specifically we compared the different jobs that peoples had. Gong Farmer? Chandler? Rat Catcher? Herbalist? Chimney Sweep? We loved finding out what they did. We all chose a job we would do. The children decided one for me...they can tell you which. Thanks class!

Finally we talked about fire fighters then and now. How lucky are we to have fire fighters who wear fire proof clothes and hard helmets as well as easy access to water supplies. Please look out for the yellow H fire hydrant signs alongside roads. The children should now know what they mean.

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