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Week 2

It has been another great week of learning in 5/6A.


In English and shared reading we have been looking at a series of books called 'Little People - Big Dreams'. This excellent series looks at the lives of many famous people such as: Muhammed Ali, Stephen Hawking, Frida Khalo and many more. The children spent time looking at some of the different people and then considering the features of a biography. The children then focussed on one particular person and undertook some research on them looking at specific parts of their lives. The children then produced a section of a biography using all that they had learnt.


In maths we have been continuing our work on place value and have also been extending our learning by looking at rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We have also been looking at some more complex reasoning problems as well as trying our hand at some codebreaking.


In geography we had our first lesson on our topic of Trade & Economics. The children looked at what it means to import and export goods and then played a trade game. Through playing the game the children got an idea of first, second and third world countries and the advantages and disadvantages they may have.


In RE we looked at the story of creation and the children produced some lovely artwork which involved their interpretation of the creation story.


In art we looked at the work of Freidensreich Hundertwasser. The children explored his use of pattern and colour within his art work. We took our sketchbooks outside and recorded examples of patterns we could find in both our natural and man-made environment.


Finally, in science the children have looked at light, how it travels, artificial and natural light and how shadows are formed. 


Thank you to all year 6 parents who have sent back the forms for the upcoming trip to North Wales. Mr Hawkins has sent all the relevant information off to the centre who are eagerly anticipating our visit. 


Enjoy your weekend,


Mrs Williams and Mrs Young.

ART: to study the work of Hundertwasser and to identify patterns in nature.

RE: to interpret and represent the creation story