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Year 6

Easter Holidays


Hello year 6. You will see there is a new home learning pack available. We DO NOT expect you to be doing it over the Easter holidays. The next home learning pack will not be being released until Monday 27th April. Feel free to have a look at the new tasks but there is no expectation from your teachers to be doing any of the work until the holidays are over. I will still be giving you little tasks to go along with Treasure Island if you are desperate for something to do. 


Have a brilliant break and don't eat too much chocolate,


Mr Hawkins

Miss Green's Weekly Update 

(updated every Wednesday)

Hello lovelies! Sorry I'm late with my update this week. I was in school yesterday which was very exciting. I rode my bike all the way there and all the way back, 5.5 miles each way. I was exhausted by the time I got home! I hope you all got outside last week and were being active. I went on a bike ride, an 8 mile walk and my keepie-uppie update is that I can now just do 3 (I will keep working on it). There are no spellings over Easter (lucky things) but you could look at the year 3/4 5/6 spellings word and see if there are any you are not sure of and make your own spellings list for next week, if you want some spellings.

As it is nearly Easter, I have a new challenge for you this week. I would like you to design a new Easter egg. You need to think about the:




Target market

(who do you want to buy your egg. e.g. children age 2-5 years)

You can present your new egg design however you like (Poster, PowerPoint) and send it to me so I can see your fabulous new creations, GO CRAZY!

Each week all teachers will give a shout-out to children who have been working really hard on Mathletics or who have sent us some amazing work to look at (so make sure you check all teachers comment sections). 

My Star learners for this week are

Giselle Alton - For her beautiful Tudor portrait of Queen Elizabeth 1 and for working hard to complete her maths. 

Here are my Mathletics stars of the week. Amazing work completing all the tasks set. You are working very hard team, well done! 

Phoebe W 

Maddie J

Andy R

Buster L 

Have an amazing Easter and eat loads of chocolate. Speak to you next week. 

Miss Green :) 


Mr Hawkins' Weekly Update 

(updated every Wednesday)


Hello 5/6B! I hope you are all well and staying safe and active. I am missing seeing all of you and doing our weekly game of Sporcle. This week I have been working hard with the other teachers in KS2 setting you some new tasks to complete. Keep an eye on the website next Monday as they will be published then. When I haven't been working I have been busy in the garden fixing fences, chopping down bushes and getting ride of weeds. This is so a very active Freddie can go out in the garden (or 'gargen' as he calls it). I have been trying to do a fitness class every other day but on Tuesday I treated myself to my favourite takeaway pizza. 


Things for you to do this week...

  • Complete your Mathletics and Spelling Shed activities. 
  • See if there are any more tasks to do in the home learning pack. 
  • Keep active, get outside, go on walks, tidy the garden for Mum and Dad. 


My star learner this week is Laura Hoerl for a fabulous ending of the Executioner's Daughter. Don't forget to send me work, I love seeing it. 


Stay safe and speak soon. 


Mr H


Mrs Young's & Mrs Clay's Weekly Update 

(updated every Wednesday)


Hello Year 5/6A

How are you all?  I hope you have been staying safe and getting lots of time outside. Exercise and fresh air are more important than ever at the moment. I have been missing your amazing work,smiley faces and our Friday dance tunes. Please don't forget to email any work you would like us to see and don't forget to keep challenging yourself. I have been doing Joe Wicks PE Challenge every morning-it's keeping Ruby very entertained but also lots of fun! 

We've also been on lots of long walks with Megan dog and doing lots of gardening!

Mrs Young smiley


Hello 5/6A.

I hope you are all still enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. I have certainly been outside in my garden as much as possible. Lots of new plants were delivered to my home this week and I shall look forward to making my garden look bright and colourful.

This week I have also enjoyed finding out how bad I am at archery (one of my son's birthday presents!) My fence now has many extra holes!


As we are now in the Easter Break, you get time off to relax and if possible try to complete my Easter Challenge:

 Create an Easter Bonnet

Make it as crazy as you want and take a picture- you can send to school and they will forward the email to me. I can't wait to see your creations!

My Star learners for this week are:

Mathletics Stars :

All tasks completed and Leaderboard Scores for last week!

Sebastian 5.608

Sophie 3,868

Oliver 3,760


I look forward to seeing some of the hard work class 5/6A  have been doing, please try and send it to me if you can.

I can see Year 6 Mathletics- YEAR 5, I would LOVE to hear from you.


Stay safe and have a lovely Easter Break (try not to eat too much chocolate!wink)

And remember to keep dancing.......


Mrs Clay smiley


This is my challenge to you all- learn the moves and we will perform together as a school when we return (even the teachers!)

Whole School Ecobrick Challenge