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Year 6

A message to Year 6 from Mr Hawkins

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A message for Key Stage 2!

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Hello Year 6


Well year 6, this is it, the final week. For those of you in last week you are finished! It was a real mix of emotions seeing you leave on Thursday. I have been so proud of how you have kept positive during these last few months and it has been a delight seeing how much you have all enjoyed being in school. For those of you that haven't been able to come in please know you have been missed! The last group of year 6 will have their final day on Thursday and I am hoping the weather will be better this time! I know it has been a bit of a bittersweet ending year 6 and in many ways you have been robbed of the things that we have come to associate with year 6 leaving St Paul's. I am sorry you haven't got these but trust me when I say if we can sort something to have a proper send off then we will! You have been a fabulous year group, I have loved having all of you in my phase and on behalf of myself and all the staff I wish you the absolute best of luck for next year, we will see each other again. 


Final Week Challenge 

There is no new home learning pack this week but do feel free to go back over the old packs as I am sure there will be some work in there to complete. 

I do however have one final challenge for you and it is one I think you will enjoy. Your task is to create a Lockdown Timeline. This timeline will start from when the school closed in March and run through to the final week of term. It can include pictures, memories, key events, birthdays, work you are proud of and anything else you can think of! It could be presented on paper or using ICT. This will hopefully be a brilliant memento of this strange time and one that you can look back on when this all seems a distant memory. I hope you enjoy!


A Massive Thanks

I just wanted to use this final weekly message to say thank you to all the KS2 staff for the last few months. I know how hard you have worked and the efforts you have put in to keep the website up to date, the work available and being on hand to answer questions from parents and children. I am sure that all of the KS2 children and parents will join me in saying THANK YOU!


As always if you want to share work that you have done with your teachers then send it via the admin email ( and staff will have it sent on to them. The Home Learning Gallery is always worth looking at to see what your friends and classmates have been up to. 


Stay safe and speak soon,


Mr. H



Here is a message from Jonty. He has thought up a challenge for us all to do.


"I thought of a really fun idea for yr5 and 6 to do during lockdown!
Basically, you get your favourite teddy and hide/put it in the weirdest or funniest places! I have a few to show you but I thought maybe all of Yr5 and 6 could do a challenge in this boring time!"


 Pictures will be posted in the gallery below so get to work 5/6 , we cant wait to see the results, teachers as well!


Thank you Jonty, such a great idea!

Sophie's pictures!


WHITE ROSE MATHS WEB PAGE, Once you have found ,click on year group- see picture guide below


NEW MATHS CHALLENGE- Also download your own certificate once challenge completed

Miss Green's Weekly Update 

(updated every Wednesday)

Hello Team. Thank you for being such an amazing group of children and making my first year of teaching so much fun. I know it was bit of a funny ending to the year but you have all tried so hard and you should all be really proud of yourselves. I have learnt so much from every single one of you and you made my job so easy and rewarding. 


Year 5's - I am so excited that I get to teach you all again next year. I was so impressed with your work ethic and love for learning last year and I can't wait to see how you all develop in year 6. Just think of all the marbles you are going to collect!! 


Year 6's - I wish you all the best of luck at secondary school, I know you will all be amazing! The year 5's, Mrs Wellicome and I are going to miss you so much next year but we are so excited for your new adventure. Keep in touch to let me know how you all are and hopefully I will get to see you all gain as some point.  


I hope you all have an amazing summer holiday. My challenge for all of you is to try something new! 

5/6C was the best team EVER!!!

From Miss Green laugh


Mr Hawkins' Weekly Update 

(updated every Wednesday)


Well 5/6B we have reached the end of what has been a vert strange academic year! I know that this has not been the ending that we would have wanted but I have still absolutely loved this year with you all. You are such a lovely bunch of children and have made my job so much fun as I get to work with all of you!


Year 5 - Next year I will get all of you back and I can not wait! There will be lots to look forward to and I know you will relish the challenges that year 6 offers. 


Year 6 - It has been amazing being your teacher. I have seen all of you go through the school (some of you from nursery through to year 6) and I will look back on all that we have done with find memories. Good luck for secondary school and remember that St Paul's is a family and we are always here for you. 


Enjoy your summer holidays, relax, have fun and be good for your parents. 


Stay safe and speak soon. 


Mr H


(The answers to the questions from the last home learning pack are on a separate document in the home learning pack section). 


Mrs Clay's Final Message

(updated every Wednesday)

Goodbye 5/6A

You have been a great class to end my teaching time. Thank you for making my job so enjoyable.

Year 5

Good luck in September, I will be thinking of you. 

Year 6

I hope you enjoy all the adventures ahead as you move onto year 7- aim high!


Keep smiling, keep having fun and most of all........Keep dancingsmiley


With love from

Mrs Clay





Hello Year 5/6A!


What on earth has happened to the weather.  Will this rain ever go away... Ruby says it is my fault for getting carried away and singing along with all the old Glastonbury shows but I can't believe she is right .  We had to have a little bit of a party (just as) as, if Lockdown hadn't happened, we would have been staying in Sherwood Forest and watching Noel Gallagher who I love.

This week has been a bit busy.  Daddy Day-Care meant Ruby didn't get very much homeschooling done last week so we have a lot of catching up. Plus, as my Toasty Bubble team know-Ruby also decided to launch herself down a very steep, gravelly hill on her longboard.  She almost made it to the bottom but it didn't end terribly well... 

We went to Nottingham to see Ruby's cousins and it was so busy on the roads it took us two hours instead of one. it made me feel sad to see so many lorries and cars back on the roads. This weekend we are planning lots of bike rides plus, of course, Joe Wicks on Saturday.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and I am so looking forward to seeing my Toasty bubble next week.

Please check their amazing work.  I have a group of very talented artists.

Take care and please keep emailing in your work-it's so lovely to see.


Mrs Young smiley



Star Learners for this week:








This is my challenge to you all- learn the moves and we will perform together as a school when we return (even the teachers!)

Whole School Ecobrick Challenge