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Year 3

Easter Holidays


Hello year 3. You will see there is a new home learning pack available. We DO NOT expect you to be doing it over the Easter holidays. The next home learning pack will not be being released until Monday 27th April. Feel free to have a look at the new tasks but there is no expectation from your teachers to be doing any of the work until the holidays are over. I will still be giving you little tasks to go along with Treasure Island if you are desperate for something to do. 


Have a brilliant break and don't eat too much chocolate,


Mr Hawkins

Miss Woodcock's weekly update

(updated every Friday)


Hello 3/4A! Hope you're all well and been enjoying working through the learning pack. The weather hasn't been as nice this week so i've been busy walking in the rain and trying to cook some new meals. I've got lots of new recipes to try this week and i'll post some photos next week of how I get on! I'm especially looking forward to baking some Disney princea s cupcakes! This week's challenge is inspired by this. I challenge you all to try and cook something new. This could be baking, dinner, breakfast or even preparing a snack! I'm sure the people at home will help you and would love some help with the cooking. Don't forget, being a good chef means washing up too! 


  • Spelling Shed - No new work this week due to Easter holidays. 

  • Mathletics - No new work this week due to Easter holidays. 

  • Mrs Clay's dance challenge - Hope you're getting on well learning it! I'll have a go too!


Please don't hesitate to send over any photos or work in to me via the admin3371 email address. I'd love to see how you're all getting on! 


Mathletics Stars:

Well done Betsy, Nimah and Amy B for getting 82-90% on geometry 1 this week!                                                        


Spelling Shed Stars:

Well done to Charis for being top in the school! Yasna is also 9th in the school and as a class we have the most points. Keep it going!


As of today it's the Easter holidays! I hope you enjoy them and don't eat too much chocolate! Not sure i'll be able to resist! The Easter egg Mrs Wells bought me will be demolished no doubt! Stay safe and enjoy the break.


Miss Woodcock





Mrs Corbett's & Mrs Bright's weekly update

(updated every Friday)


Hello 3/4B!

We hope you have had a good week and have managed to get outside lots and enjoy the weather. It is supposed to be beautiful on Sunday so I'll be busy outside in the garden painting our shed. This week I (Mrs Corbett) got my bike out for the first time in a couple of years and used my daily exercise time to go for a ride around my local area. After a wobbly start, I had a thoroughly enjoyable hour of riding! I hope you have been keeping active too whether that's playing football, dancing or just having a lots of fun outside. 

We hope you are getting on well with your home learning tasks and would absolutely love to see what you have been up to! Please email any photos or work in to us via the admin3371 email address. We would love to take a look and celebrate everything you are doing! Also, we are checking Mathletics and Spelling Shed daily. I have loved getting messages from you from the Problem Solving area of Mathletics.


This week we have noticed there have been a number of children working incredibly hard:
Maths group

For great Live Mathletics - Tobias, Jimmy, Amelie


For working really hard on the assigned activities - Ava, Zach, Isabella and Sammy


For great problem solving - Jude (I've loved receiving your messages explaining to me how you got on with the activities!)


Spelling Shed

Florence S, Jude and Jimmy


Have a great Easter break. We will set new home learning after the Easter holiday. I'm now off to bake some banana and chocolate bread with Ellen to celebrate the weekend!

Take care,

Mrs Corbett and Mrs Bright


Mrs Lee's & Mrs Bown's weekly update

(updated every Wednesday)



Hello 4C. We hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine and have been attempting some of the work in the home learning pack. Please keep an eye on this page for reminders of work that has been set and some updates on what we have been up to. 


  • Don't forget to keep on top of your spellings which will have been set on Spelling Shed. 

  • There will be weekly work set on Mathletics for you to complete. 

  • Mrs Clay's dance challenge. Make sure you have a go as it looks lots of fun.


Enjoy the sunshine and speak soon. 


Mrs Lee & Mrs Bown

Whole School Ecobrick Challenge