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Wk2 9/11/20

It has been a busy week in 5/6A! The children have been doing some tests and we have all been really impressed with their positive and hardworking attitudes! In science this week the children have been looking at circuits and learning to identify the different symbols that are used in circuit diagrams. In art we took inspiration from Armistice Day and designed charcoal drawings based on pictures from the First World War. The children then looked at adding poppies into the designs. In English, the children learnt how the poet Laura Mucha had collected and formalised her ideas for her remembrance poem. The children then used her poem to write their own Remembrance poetry. In history we continued our study of the Bronze and Iron Ages looking at how both types of metal changed how humans lived their lives and also how they were moulded and shaped into different tools and weapons. The children then took on the role of blacksmiths using clay as a replacement for bronze or iron and sculpted their own tools and weapons. In RE the children learnt about the importance of the Hajj Pilgrimage for Muslims. In PE the children continued to impress with their dance skills,  this week taking on the samba. Mr Bown had to stop and watch as he passed through the hall and was greeted by the joyous sight of  5/6A children dancing the SAMBA in their PJS! Strictly Come Dancing watch out!