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Wk1 2/11/20

Well, this week started with an element of surprise when Mrs Young was waiting at the door on Monday morning instead of Mrs Williams! Tom and Zoe felt they had slept for an extra long time and somehow woken up on Thursday!  Luckily, there were no more surprises and we had a lovely first week back with the children working hard to challenge themselves.

 In Grammar the children were practising their subordinate,embedded and main clauses then looked at an extract from War Horse in Shared Reading. 

In English we thought of all the events that had happened in The Arrival so far and wrote a recount letter from the father to his family. We  have now finished the text with the children making predictions about what they think would happen to the family. In Maths we have been revisiting our work on multiples, factors and square numbers and practising our times tables. The children have been looking to apply their knowledge of these areas in reasoning and problem solving questions. In Science we have begun our topic on Electricity with the children looking at how electricity has  enhanced our lives and hanna giving us a lesson on how the old washboards were used to wash clothes in streams.

In History we began our topic 'The Iron Age' by looking at the chronology of the period and then analysing artefacts and sources from the time. In PE the children had the chance to practise their football and dance skills-look out Strictly!