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Week Beginning 9th November

Our School Values Award Winner this week is...
This week, we have finished our science topic on 'Materials' and now we are ready to start our geography. We will be using atlases, Google Earth and we'll be learning about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. In art, we painted our clay tiles - we hope you like them when we bring them home next week. We continued our superhero dancing in PE. We showed off our brilliant sequences whereby we had to pose, travel, jump, travel, turn, travel, pose and then we had to teach our partner our sequence and perform it to the class. We have some very impressive dancers in 1/2B!


Year 1:

  • To recognise, name and sort 3D shapes
  • Recognise, name and sort 2D shapes
  • Make patterns with 2D shapes

Year 2:

  • Mixed addition and subtraction
  • Number bonds to 100
  • Adding 3 1-digit numbers


This week we have been looking at the language used in our book 'Emma Jane's Aeroplane' - for example what does 'wide and deep' and 'tall and strong' look like? We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures of the drama we did when acting the story. Finally, Emma Jane and her aeroplane and passengers came across a storm. In groups and independently, we created a poem using our describing skills. 

In phonics, we had fun making up our own 'nonsense' words to test our partner.