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Week Beginning 9th November

Week Beginning Monday 9th November 

This week both nursery and reception children have focused on poppies, Armistice Day and Diwali. 



Poppies and Armistice Day:

At the start of this week we discussed about why people wear poppies during this time of the year. We watched a video which told us the story. From this, we had a go at painting poppies (on stones and paper) and also wrote about poppies and their significance .


On Wednesday, we went out into our outside area to lay our stone poppies down and place our painted poppies in the ground. We then all stood around them to have the national two-minute silence. We all managed to stay silent, including the nursery children!



At the end of the week we celebrated Diwali. We watched how a young girl prepared and celebrated the festival and also learnt about the story of Rama and Sita. 


We all enjoyed making Diwali cards, Rangoli patterns, Mendi and some children had a go at drawing a picture and writing about it. We have also started to make Diva Lamps, from clay, and we are so excited to paint them next week. 


In maths, both nursery and reception children have looked at 2D shapes. 


Nursery had a go at mark making some shapes and talking about what they look like. They also went on a shape hunt around the classroom.  


Reception children have particularly look at circles and triangles. They have begun to try and use the correct mathematical language to describe these shapes and also looked at finding them around the classroom. The children also used the 2D shapes to create pictures and explained the shapes they used.