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Week beginning 9.11.20


We've used our atlases this week as well as Google Earth.

We have started to learn about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom.

Using aerial pictures as a guide, we drew our journey to school, picking out any key features ( or landmarks) of our journey.

As a fan of maps, we now have two maps on display of the UK as well as many atlases to look at and a globe. A lovely book we shared was  "The Queen's Handbag" where the Queen (very energetically) chases a swan who stole her handbag all over the UK. She past the Angel of the North, The Giant's Causeway, Snowdonia,  Edinburgh Castle and Stonehenge amongst other places. Plenty of discussion time was built into lessons.


A continued focus on subtraction this week using counters, part whole models, finding fact families and using our reasoning skills to spot errors in number sentences.

Emma Jane's Aeroplane

This week we have sequenced the story using drama and retold it in writing. Can you spot the proud lions with their noses in the air in each of the photos? Finally, Emma Jane and her aeroplane and passengers came across a storm. As a class, we used our describing skills to think how we feel in a storm, what we can see and what we can hear. We created a poem with repeated language patterns. 

Our grammar focus was capital letters for place names and people's names.