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Week beginning 3rd May

We have managed to fit a lot into our four day week!


We have continued to look at the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We spent time retelling the story in small groups, we used lots of expression for phrases like 'Grandma what big ears you have.' We drew and labelled story maps to show what happens in the story.  

Towards the end of the week we were challenged to write the whole story!

We thought about various phrases we could use such as once upon a time... and they all lived happily ever after. We are writing part of the story each day and then illustrating it. We are planning to staple the pages together to make our own books.



At the start of the week we investigated the different shapes we could make on the geoboards. We discussed the properties of triangles, squares, oblongs and rectangles.

We played a game called 'Make my model' we had to look carefully at the teacher's model and then make it with our own multilink cubes. Some of us found it very tricky to clip the cubes together.

We continued to look at numbers to 20. We continued to make representations of numbers to 20. we also played bingo games and matching games.