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Week Beginning 2nd November

Our School Values Award Winner this week is...

The countdown to Christmas has begun!

Children were given their lines to learn for our KS1 Nativity. We are going to do our best to record the scenes in our 'bubbles', merge it together with the super support of Mrs Sanghera and then send the finished article to yourselves. The show must go on! 


This week we have continued to our science topic on 'Materials'. We described and grouped materials using key vocabulary - transparent, non-transparent, smooth, rough, shiny and dull. During our next lesson, we explored bendy, transparent and waterproof materials (something we have learnt very quickly with this week's weather). 
We had fun in PE. Our new unit of work is dance - we really enjoyed our lesson as we danced like superheroes! We finished our clay work this week and made some fantastic clay tiles, we hope you like them when we bring them home. 


We have started out new text 'Emma Jane's Aeroplane'. We have looked at the front cover and asked questions to encourage us to think about what we might want to find out when reading the text. We have made predictions, identified patterned language (rhyming words), discussed phrases from the text - for example 'the rain beats down', 'the waves lash high' and talked about what they mean. 


Year 1: 

  • Subtraction counting back.
  • Subtraction finding the difference.
  • Comparing + and - statements

Year 2: 

  • Adding 2-digit numbers.
  • Subtracting a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number. 
  • Mixed addition and subtraction activity.