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Week beginning 28.06.21

Lots of excitement in 1/2B this week. 

Watch the video below to find out why. The running commentary is lovely too! 

Watch to find out …

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Forest School

I had the pleasure of joining year 2 at Forest School this week. I'm not sure if the children or myself had more fun! The teamwork was amazing - lots of smiles and laughter. 


We were very excited by the new marking on the field, so we took advantage and practised our skills ready for Sports Day. 1/2B participated in sprinting (remembering the best way to start), long distance running (pacing ourselves), relay races (passing the baton) and the javelin (remembering to 'collect' when asked to, to avoid being hit by several javelins). 



Our planning took us outside this week where we practised our investigative skills. We went in search of plants that had been eaten and then did our best to identify what we thought had eaten them. 

We have been watching our beans grow. In groups, we discussed our observations explaining what has grown and in what order and why we think this is. We have talked about the functions of the different parts of the plants and what we think will happen next. Some of our beans have started to rot - this created a lot of discussion too. 

Finally... we learnt about pollen. They come in all different shapes and sizes, so we made some out of clay. 


During the week, we have been revisiting addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; reminding ourselves of the key vocabulary and different strategies we have been taught to solve the calculations. 


Over the last couple of weeks 1/2B have been planning and creating William Shakespeare information leaflets. The children have become very knowledgeable and have begun to write down additional questions they would like to find the answers to. 

Some excellent writing which has been rewarded with a few Headteacher postcards home. 

Well done!