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Week Beginning 26th April


Mrs Saunders bought in some blossom from her garden. The nursery children have enjoyed exploring it and made their own representations of it and other things in our EYFS garden. 

Little Red Riding Hood’s Basket

We have been thinking about what might have been in Little Red Riding Hood’s Basket. We made some shopping lists for all the things that might be needed. 

Little Red Riding Hood Art Work

We looked at the photographic art of Xaviera Simmons. Reception were challenged to make their backgrounds using a range of media such a paints, pastels and collage materials. Once the background was complete them embellished  it and added detail for the trees. 
Mrs Randall took a photo of everyone in Reception and these will be added along with a collaged red cloak and maybe a basket during next week. 


Bee Bots

we all explored the Bee Bots this week. Nursery enjoyed trying to programme them and Reception helped show them what what to do.