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Week Beginning 23rd November

23rd November 2020


We have begun our annual Christmas Nativity. Those children who have speaking parts have taken home their words to learn. 


This week we have focused on 'The Gruffalo's Child'.

We have compared this story to 'The Gruafflo'. We noticed that 'The Gruffalo's Child' happens at night and 'The Gruffalo' happens in the day. We spent some time this week making an information book about night time. We have started to use our phonics to help us write.


Nursery children had a discussion about what happens at night time and did some mark making to show this. 



We have also been enjoying our weekly PE lessons with Mr Barnes.


We have been using the school equipment to balance, climb and travel in different ways. 

And finally...


We have finished our Diva Lamps. We have all worked incredibly hard and they all look beautiful!