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Week Beginning 23rd November

This week we have made paper chains and snowflakes ready for KS1 to be turned into a Christmas Wonderland! 


In geography, we learnt what a 'journey line' is and completed one for our journey to school using an aerial view. We identified different features of the UK and discussed where we would like to visit and why. 
In English, we planned and wrote a new adventure for Emma Jane to a place of our choice. 
We have also sorted fiction and non-fiction books. We have thought carefully about their features to help us decide which group different books belong to. 


Year 1:

  • Compare groups of objects
  • Compare numbers
  • Order groups of objects

Year 2

  • Compare money
  • Find the total 
  • Find the difference




Please make sure all nativity costumes are in school by Friday 4th December. KS1 nativity will be filmed on Monday 7th December.