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Week beginning 23.11.20


This week we learnt the difference between non- fiction and fiction books as well as began our work on writing instructions. The children followed verbal instructions to make some Christmas paper chains.


We all enjoyed learning the names of 2D and 3D shapes and describing their features. Some fun building allowed obviously, but the children had to name the shapes they used. Super impressed with so many identifying square based pyramids and triangular based pyramids.


Our tree decorations were made, painted and glazed this week after 3 weeks of planning. Just the evaluation to go now. Were they happy with the final product? What could they have done differently?


Our final lesson comparing London to Brasilia. The children worked so well in groups to sort the pictures out. I kept hearing children saying we are working as a team! Fabulous! I finished the lesson sharing some photos from my trip to our partner school in Bo, Sierra Leone in February 2019 as part of the teacher team from One World Link charity. I've attached  a few photos for your interest. The children asked sensible questions and were rather shocked when I said class numbers were between 100 and 200. Another interesting comparison to our school and town.

My trip to Bo, Sierra Leone as part of the One World Link charity based in Warwick to our partner school St Charles Lwanga February 2019.

We compared our school to Charles Lwanga. Bo is the second largest town in Sierra Leone and is of a similar size to Warwick and Leamington. A few years ago, we raised money for  the school to be linked to the mains water. This has been a long process but we are hopeful that water for drinking, washing and toilets will be available soon.